Performance Manufacturing

Established in 2004, Performance Manufacturing has grown by demonstrating our ability to focus on our customers' needs, and by being on top of all of the latest technical innovations. 


We fully implemented our ERP software system in 2007, and since then have integrated our QA system into that software, enabling us to connect all aspects of our business together, including NC/CPA, Maintenance, Auditing etc.


Utilizing Solidworks, we are able to model your concept/drawing for you, or import almost any solid file you might have. From there, we program and post using HSMWorks which is one of the most advanced CAM software programs available today.



We work with a wide range of materials and offer a full range of CNC and manual machining services including product design, fabrication, punching and forming, vibratory deburring and assembly. We are experienced at producing all volumes of runs from one-off prototypes or short-run parts all the way through to large-volume production runs. 

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